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re you passionate about farming/gardening? Are you motivated and inspired by innovation? Are you ready to join a company that puts customer service, education and technology at the forefront? If so, you’re the kind of person we’re looking for. Being an ‘Farming/Gardening-Passionate Innovation Catalyst’ requires a unique ability to identify, initiate and implement meaningful change. It’s about an unrelenting commitment to educate and serve our customers in their farming/gardening efforts . At the Great American Seed Company, we change how people work with and look at their farms/gardens. We are ‘Farming/Gardening-Passionate Innovation Catalysts.’

At the Great American Seed Company, we believe HOW you do your work is just as important as the work itself. Demonstrating the following behaviors is important to delivering our strategy and company goals:

INTEGRITY: Always conduct all business with the highest ethics. Sometimes we simply say “Do it right.”

TEAMWORK: Collaborate with others to get multiple points of view to determine the best solution.

EXECUTION: Follow through with commitments and “get things done.”

INNOVATION: Actively look for new and better ways to do things.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: Understand and respond to current and future needs of our customers.

Please contact us (See Openings Below) if:

  • You are 'fiercely' passionate about farming/gardening
  • You are amiable and a team player
  • You 'absolutely' love to work with and help people
  • You are creative and love to come up with innovative ideas on serving our customers better
  • You are open to acquiring new skills (especially technology skills) that will improve upon our Seed Education materials and marketing efforts
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